Bin Zomah Company for International Trade and Development Ltd.: It is a company that has been working in the commercial field for more than 50 years.
Its activity is marketing and selling the products of the Makkah Water Co. (Safa) . and the products of the Aljanoub Water Factory (Mozn).
The company is considered with its huge and great potential and its long experience that contributed and contributes strongly to the establishment of a strong and effective economy, As it markets products for Safa water and Mozn water inside and outside Saudi Arabia.
It also depends on the Saudi employee in most of its work, and it employs more than three hundred Saudis of both sexes.
In its management of all activities, whether marketing, financial and administrative, the company relies on centralization in decision-making so that it is always Willing to implement any new policies in an effective and successful manner, which will reflect positively to remain the company at the forefront of companies that strive towards globalization and not only at the internal level in the Kingdom.
The company also has many other activities in the field of foodstuffs and industrial…..etc.
The company has branches spread in most regions of the Kingdom, in addition to distributors and authorized persons inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia It deserves to be a leading company in the region by entering new markets every day.

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